I particularly like this definition of hacking: someone who find out the weaknesses of a system/model, analyze them and make use of them. In this sense, I move the term from the IT world to the management world, the development of projects and the management of companies.

To try to hack a system is to fight with giants. We don’t have either the influence or the necessary powers. In my opinion, it’s more useful & grateful that each of us experience their personal revolution changing the perspective from which we feel reality around in order to generate new opportunities.

It’s more useful to help to end up this model that is dying, hacking your own projects with your own rules. It’s not time for revolution; it’s time to start looking the world from a different perspective.

I’ve seen many people falling, not because the idea had no potential market or because their products were not enough good or different. Most of them fail because they are not using the right guidelines. They are failing because they don’t have the courage to hack their own projects creating their own guidelines.

All of what it’s written in my blog is the result of a long time trying to understand the reality that surround us, how it works and the real utility that will allow us to to manage our life and projects.

I expect to provide the readers a new perspective that will allow to hack facts that were, up to date, sacred and that the same facts had proved them wrong or fake and dangerous. I expect that after this reading you can sum up more probabilities of surviving in a reality that tends to be more disorganized and dangerous day by day.

This blog writes about the basis that will allow us to manage the uncertainty associated to the development of any project/business.

From my own experience, when you start up a business, I experienced a whole different way of thinking that gave me room of new ways of thinking that gave me room for new hypothesis and new ways of acting. This new approach will not only make the successful probabilities grow, but make them enormous.

All that I write here is based on real facts. It has been put on practice and I will explain how it went and how it goes to those we tried. Here i talk about those who are not following other guidelines but creating their own ones. I refer to bravers that had hack their projects and want to join me in this blog to explain their experience and help me to achieve the goal of this blog.

The basis of all this, is to understand, how chaotic is the system in which we move and apply that learning in business and project management functions. Sure to try to understand the system, you first have to assume that the basis of its operation is disorder, chaos.

Stephen Hawking, when he published his first book, was told by his editor that for every mathematical formula tuck in his book he lose thousands of readers. He was right.

Everything here has its own mathematical (technical) explanation, but I will not catch on that. I will not use a mathematical method to explain. I will use a non-technical approach, a “Fat Tony” approach, (a common language method) as Taleb would say. ¹

For the mathematical development of this, and have a look at the work of Professor Taleb. I leave a link to his work, for those who want to refresh the maths. Those who have forgotten them or feel them creepy can keep on reading the easier method. The result is the same.

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