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How digg step to be worth 200 million dollars to be worth 500,000 dollars. This is another example of how structures are formed randomly, and as if not identified correctly, you can not realize its potential.

Digg is a news network ( that allows users to vote to give more or less importance to the news and so position itself more visibly.

Like so many projects started out modestly, until Google in 2008 reached 200 million offer for the company, but Kevin Rose, the owner said no.

In 2010, people start to forget about Digg. Facebook and Twitter have managed to capture more attention from users. Digg traffic collapses. Its potential value as well.

To date the value is ascribed to Digg not in any case exceed half a million dollars, and that’s being generous.

If you look the pattern that lies behind all cases is the same. Is a positive random structure, at any given time changes, and it becomes negative.

The difference between the case of Tom and Kevin’s case is that the draft of Kevin still has some value. Also Kevin never wagered more than he could lose, which has prevented him end up living under a bridge. I just let pass the opportunity to get rich because he thought he was king of the world and disregard the random component. He did not understand that their work had led him to add probabilities of success (to be in the right place at the right time) but the next spin of the coin would be the cross.


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