The cumulative effect of fate

29 November, 2014 0 No tags 0

Fate has a main characteristic: its cumulative effect. As we have seen snowflakes accumulate until the avalanche is generated. As you can see, the flakes are falling on the mountain and build until the snowflake falls destabilizing mass and creates an avalanche. An explosive and uncontrolled event.

Since I’m writing this post, let’s move this concept to the publishing world. A blog is sold in different outlets, and sold unit by unit. At first a small number of readers will read it, and if they like, they’ll begin to recommend it to other people that will do the same, until a critical point (I don’t know what is) that people are rushing to bookstores to buy it, and then goes in the media, as the publishing phenomenon of the season, which will once again feed the growing circle. The avalanche is served. The same goes for pandemics, and all the products you have at home.

Scalability. As we have seen, the success of a blog, a movie, or a song depends on the contagion effect. The same goes for technology products, such as what happened with the iPod, or the Windows operating system. In addition, these products create community, so important for the development of a project.

There are a number of professions and scalable businesses and others are simply not. Scalable professions are writer or musician. These guys do not need to play or create their product every time you sell, they can store it. Allowing the sale process to be independent from the process of creation. A physician or consultant professions are not scalable. Their income depends on his presence to be generated, probably will do well after 30 years of practicing, but never become rich in one day. Elvis Presley has exceeded 1,000 million albums sold since 1980. Elvis Presley died in 1977, has been dead 33 years, but continues to generate huge amounts of money.

Scalability and Business. We must focus on the scalable part of our business: product design and services, strategies, and management methods. The success of our production- Western economic model has come from the hand of the property of scalability. Understand this property has allowed us to specialize in the creative side of things, which is the production of concepts and ideas. Our success as a business model is to separate the less scalable components and assign them to feel satisfied with being paid by the hour as China does.

So we have to invest more in the design of a pair of shoes, or a computer, than in its manufacture. In the economy of the twenty-first century will be the benefits of ideas. But ideas need both the opportunity and luck. This type of scalable orientation produces a world of extremes. In this world of extremes, a few (products, services, or professional) are taking almost all success.


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